About STK

Welcome to our church and welcome to the market town of Kendal at the gateway to the Lake District.

We are a Church of England parish church serving the northern part of Kendal.  People from within the parish and beyond are members of the church which has a relaxed and contemporary approach to worship and serving the community.  Currently we have about 400 adults, 30 teenagers and 100 children in membership but the church community is much bigger than its declared membership and has large fuzzy edges that are full of opportunity and expression of who we are and what we are about

In essence, STK is simply a bunch of disciples of Jesus - all ages, types, styles and sizes - doing their best to worship God, reach out to others with the good news of Jesus for today and love and care for each other.

Everyone is welcome at STK whether they are of a different tradition or none at all.  We welcome people who are not decided about the Christian faith and are maybe just looking and listening to find out more.