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AN UPDATE FROM GEORGE, Friday 15th January:

Dear Church Family

As we continue to share the experience of lockdown I find myself leaning into the most simple prayers that acknowledge the presence and grace of God with us.  I particularly like these traditional words for the coming Sunday: 

God of glory…
fill us with your Holy Spirit
that through us the light of your glory 
may shine in all the world.

Below are updates for the week ahead, but feel free to pause, take a breath and echo those words before reading on…
PCC update
Notes on the PCC meeting held last Monday 11th January 2021.
1. The staffing committee reported that the office staff and cleaner would be part furloughed until further notice and a claim made under the Government furlough scheme. To date over £6,300 has been received from this scheme.
2. The job description with roles and duties was considered for the post of a Youth Work Co-ordinator. It was unanimously agreed to advertise this post with a starting date of June 2021. Thanks to all who have pledged one off gifts or reviewed their monthly giving.
3. A revised Budget for 2021 was reviewed. Unfortunately, the finances do not yet permit the appointment of a Pastoral Care Co-ordinator, but this will be kept under review.
4. Mission Giving cheques totalling £18,800 have been paid to ten local charities, missionaries, and Mission Societies with whom we have a connection.
5. A grant of £1,200 will be paid to CAP (Christians Against Poverty) to enable a branch to open in Kendal. 
The next PCC meeting is scheduled for Monday 8th February 2021 when the Quinquennial Inspection and other Building repairs will be considered.
Church Office 
The church is closed at present, but you can contact the office 9-4 on weekdays.  
Marriage Course – time to sign up!
We will be hosting the HTB Marriage Course online on Thursday evenings from the 28th January.  It’s a great course and a fantastic opportunity to strengthen marriages young and old!  To find out more about how to register with HTB and purchase journals please get in touch with the STK church office.  You can watch and also share our promo here. And you can download a PDF flyer here.
Manna House
Manna House is closed at the moment except for 1:1 meetings with clients. However they are still providing food to be taken away.  We have received a request: “We do need sturdy carrier bags now to make up food parcels and tin foil/cling film if anyone has some they no longer want?”
This Sunday
On Sunday we will continue to our Epiphany series with John 1.35-51, here are some questions to share in the coming week:
1. Read John 1.35-51 This covers the story of the first five encounters with Jesus in John’s gospel. Andrew, an unnamed friend, Simon Peter, Philip and Nathanael. After the first reading, read through a second time, very slowly, imagining yourself as one of the characters in the story. What feelings did the character have? What changed as a result of their encounter? Share any insights that come to you. 

2. Both Andrew and Philip brought someone close to them to meet Jesus. Who did God use to first bring you to the Lord? Thank God for them. Then ask the Lord to show you who you might ‘bring’. How would you go about that? Praying for them regularly is a good start, asking God to give you appropriate opportunities to serve and to share. 

3. Philip spoke about ‘the one Moses wrote about in the Law, and about whom the prophets also wrote’. 
Look up some of the references he might have been thinking of: Deuteronomy 18.15-18; Isaiah 9.6-7; Micah 5.2-4; Daniel 7.13-14; Psalm 2.
Inspired by those passages, think of situations in the world today where you can pray, ‘Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth, as in heaven".
The service will be live streamed at 10.00 followed by Zoom Coffee – I look forward to seeing you there!  
With every blessing,