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AN UPDATE FROM GEORGE, Thursday 22nd October:

Dear Church Family

I hope this letter finds you well as we share the latest updates at St Thomas’s.  
This week we are looking forward to the launch of our first STKids Online video created for children and families to enjoy and grow faith.  It will go up on our YouTube channel on Sunday morning at 9.30am.  Thank you for the encouraging feedback you’ve been sending to the Children and Families teams and those involved in our live services – I know that it spurs them on as well as honouring their excellent work. 
Also this week…. 
Clocks Change!
Don’t forget that clocks go back on Saturday nightwhat will you do with that extra hour…..?
Finance Questionnaire
Last week the PCC has sent out a letter to update us on the financial position of the church, and a questionnaire asking for information to help with future planning.  Thank you for taking the time to complete it and send in your responses by the 30th of October.  If you want a copy of the questionnaire please be in touch with the office.  If anyone prefers to complete it online anonymously you can access it here.  
Parenting Course
Parenting course for parents of 11 to 18s.  The course will last for 8 weeks, on Thursdays from 8.15 until 9.45, on Zoom. We start on November 5th – please contact the church office or Chris Mullen if you are interested. 
Virtual Advent Fair
If you want to be in an Advent Fair Makers and Artists Directory please contact Barbara Handley via the church office for more information. We can add details of charities you support so people can visit their websites etc. We’re also in the process of setting up a Facebook group, so watch this space… 
Sign up for services
We continue to get good feedback from people coming in to church for worship - thank you for signing up with the church office by Friday lunchtime so that we are able to include you in the seating plans and work out the safest way to accommodate everyone. Please do get in touch with the church office.
This Sunday
As well as meeting in church this Sunday our livestream broadcast will be available at 10am on the church YouTube channel and Facebook page.  
Our series on the Essential Church continues with ‘The Compassionate Church’ and looks at Mark 1.40-45 this week – here are some questions to explore:
1. How would you define compassion?
2. How has God shown you compassion? 
3. Compassion is the emotion that Jesus was said to feel more often than any other emotion recorded in the narratives of his life throughout the gospels. Read the story of Jesus healing the leper in Mark 1:40-45. What strikes you about Jesus’ actions in this passage? How does Jesus show the leper compassion? 
4. Have a read through these passages in the gospels where the same word in Greek (splanchnizomai) is used for compassion as in Mark 1.41 Matt 14.14, Matt 20.34, Luke 7.13, Luke 10.33, Luke 15.20. What do you notice about how Jesus shows compassion? 
5. Compassion is described as ‘a gut-twisting emotional reaction to the reality of other people’s suffering’. Share times when you have been moved with compassion to other people’s suffering. What happened? What did God call you to do? 
6. How might you and your life group/ church community engage in a process of listening to your context, in order to know how to show compassion? 
7. Spend some time praying and asking God to show you who he is calling you and your life group/church community to show compassion to in the way Jesus did. 
We will follow the service with our Zoom coffee time at 11am hosted this week by Vic – please do join in and catch up!  

I very much look forward to seeing you soon!

With love and every blessing,